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When you want to damp sound between two spaces all noise control soundproof accordion doors are a perfect choice for Conference rooms, hotels, executive offices, schools, Dancing Schools, Catering halls, office lobbies, hospitals, and institutional and industrial projects soundproof accordion doors has availability of natural hardwood veneers and a wide range of vinyl colors for commercial spaces. Our steel hinge hardware system and acoustical qualities are perfect for any commercial space.

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In addition to the strength and durability that  are provided by the hardware hinge system, there is a wide range of available options that include curved track, locks, latches, and multiple meeting posts to further expand the design capabilities of an Accordion Door.

Are you considering in an accordion door? Let Soundproof Accordion doors help with all your plans and needs. All Noise Control is the largest supplies of Soundproof Accordion Doors in the USA.

Our great product selection covers the simplest of closet Accordion doors to the most complex systems for hospital, stadium, airports and malls. An accordion door will provide security, privacy and the highest soundproof quality in the industries. Every accordion doors is a custom made to your specifications.

All Noise Control Soundproof Accordion door can be used for commercial spaces from educational to hospitality including meeting rooms, class rooms, yoga studios, medical, religious facilities, corporate offices, training facilities, dancing schools, restaurants, lounges, apartments, homes worldwide.

About us partitions are sure to meet your needs. Best of all, our partitions are competitively priced, so you can get the quality you deserve without breaking the bank. Accordion door STC-26 is a reliable and affordable solution for spaces in need of soundproofing. The single-wall acoustic partitions are easy to install, and their effective sound-reducing properties make them ideal for use in offices, classrooms, and other commercial spaces. In addition to reducing noise levels, the partitions also help to improve acoustics by absorbing excess sound energy. As a result, spaces that are outfitted with STC-26 partitions tend to be more comfortable and productive environments. All Noise Control’s products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All Noise Control is proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality soundproofing Accordion doors partitions. Our partitions are designed to provide superior noise reduction, making them ideal for use in a variety of settings. Whether you need to reduce noise in your offices All Noise Control offers our STC 38 accordion door to create a more private space, offices or religious facilities as it is in restaurants or hotel meeting spaces, classrooms needing moderate sound control.

For higher sound control in religious institutions, meeting spaces, and medical facilities, This series takes sound attenuation to our highest level. High quality with an Stc of 47 door features ,acoustic lining, perimeter seal, heavy duty hardware available in two panel widths:47 is the dual 7” panels  and connecting them into one panel. Our STC 47 is perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined for enhanced sound isolation. Equivalent dual-wall construction with verified steel hardware hinge system durability and larger rigid body panels, the STC 47 accessibly allows six beautiful vinyl laminate finish materials to be chosen on each door face.