Accordion Door for an Executive Office

Problem: A corporate Office want it to find a way for their open-door style, but also provide privacy when needed.

Solution: By Installing our ANC-45 Accordion Door they were able to achieve privacy they required. Installation: Soundproof accordion-type side folding panels suspend from a single overhead track to form a temporary wall in any type of opening.

About Product:

  • Sound Blocking Insulation: For maximized sound control, the Soundproof Accordion Door’s double panel construction is lined with continuous blankets of sound absorbing material. This system has been independently tested to provide a STC rating of 45 per ASTM E90
  • Concealed Storage: Designed to stack at a fraction of their extended width, the accordion panels can retract out of sight into a recessed side wall pocket
  • Smooth Glide Operation: Panels are track-supported by a smooth glide nylon wheel and ball bearing roller assembly
  • Durable Design: Panels are coated with a scratch resistant, permanently bonded vinyl finish that offers a high level of impact resistance
  • Modular Construction: Allows for simple, in-place, cost effective installation and service