Accordion Door for Medical Clinic

A medical clinic in Edmonton, Alberta was having issues with secluding the doctors’ private offices with the rest of the clinic, they turned to Soundproofing Accordion Doors, a division of All Noise Control.

They approached us with a list of requirements that our team was effectively able to analyze and respond to. The doctors requested a solution that would be moveable, sturdy, and sound blocking for private conversations with patients.

Our team recommended an Accordion Door with an STC of 45. We explained that STC stood for “Sound Transmission Control” and that the higher the STC, the better the product would be at absorbing and/or blocking sound. Our team configured that an STC of 45 would be appropriate for a medical clinic setting that consisted of a decent amount of “chatter”, phones ringing, copy machines and other relative sound.

Upon the installation of three Accordion Doors  the doctors were extremely satisfied with how immediately the sound between their private rooms and the rest of the clinic was reduced.