Accordion Door STC 33 for Training Facility

A construction company in Orlando, FL wanted to turn one of their module trailers into a training facility for all the contractors that were working on the construction site, they turned to Soundproofing Accordion Doors, a division of All Noise Control.

They approached us with what they wanted to do and a list of specs and questions that our team was effectively ready to analyze and respond to. The construction company wanted something that was moveable, sturdy, and soundproof between the two groups as they were doing their training.

Our team recommended an Accordion Door with an STC of 33. We explained that STC stood for “Sound Transmission Control” and that the higher the STC, the better the product would be at absorbing and/or blocking sound. Our team configured that an STC of 33 would be appropriate for a training facility setting that consisted of a good amount of “chatter”, video presentations, and other productive sound.

Upon the installation, the construction company was extremely satisfied with the ability the separate the training facility and also to be able to hold two different groups with different training requirements. They were also very satisfied with the small amount of sound between the two sides.