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Church Soundproofing

Church soundproofing requires special attention and knowledge to the nuances of hard surfaces and voluminous spaces, especially if the construction is relatively new.
The First Methodist Church, located in Chesterland, Ohio, had a noise problem especially in a recently added Multipurpose Hall to the older structure of Church building, the new construction contained mostly hard surfaces, including sheetrock walls and ceilings, tile floors and solid wood, The excessive space and all hard surfaces in the hall was creating a lot of echo and reverberation, the noise level even with a small party was extremely unacceptable! In addition to the loud noise within the space, sounds traveling to and from the other parts of Church building were adding to the nuances of loud noise within the hall and overall in the whole building.

The Solution:

When Church administration contacted us with their particular sound problem, Our Acoustical experts came up with two products to minimize  the sound level to the lowest, for  the reverberation and echo problem; we installed Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels to  the existing hard walls,

For the problem of sound traveling to and from the hall and to divide the church hall in case of two events being held at the same time, we installed custom made Sound Proof Accordion Door Partition in Anc-47 custom made by CHURCH NOISE CONTROL.

Accordion Doors Anc-47 by CNC can quickly transform any large room into two or more sections for privacy, security and unparalleled sound control, requiring only an overhead track for support, these side folding panels can form a temporary wall in any type of opening.

These compact panels are designed to recess into a side wall pocket, to keep it out of sight when not in use.


The Results:

The members of First Methodist Church immediately noticed an obvious change in the sound quality of their newly constructed multi-purpose Hall; The results were so remarkable that they are considering adding soundproofing wall panels and Accordion Doors manufactured by CHURCH NOISE CONTROL in other parts of their Church too.

If you are facing any sound and noise issues at your facility, please contact our Acoustical experts for free consultations and solutions at CHURCH NOISE CONTROL.