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Accordion Door-26 Gallery

Accordion Door ANC 26 Gallery single-wall acoustic partitions are a great way to reduce the noise in your home without sacrificing good looks or economy. These doors will fit any space, but they’re especially well suited for those who want some degree of sound reduction with their closing mechanisms and don’t mind paying more than usual price point because these things really do deliver!

The Accordion Door 26 single-wall acoustic partitions are a great choice for those who want to close off part of their space, while also getting some degree sound reduction.

The Accordion Door 26 Gallery is a versatile and durable door that can be used in any setting from restaurants to churches, offices or assisted living facilities. Thanks its full perimeter seal system it will also keep your home at an ideal temperature while minimising noise pollution for those who need some peace-and -quiet!

The Accordion Door 26 is a great way to maximise your space in any facility. This durable door can be opened and closed with just one person, it has an exclusive seal system that prevents noise from distracting others as well as heat loss during warm weather months or air exchange when it’s cold outside!

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