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Operable Partition Systems

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Soundproof Accordion Door’s custom wall partitions, featuring our renowned Acousti-Seal® technology. Our innovative operable walls provide seamless optimization of interior space, effortlessly adjusting room sizes for superior sound control and optimal floor space utilization.

Explore a diverse range of four distinct movable wall configurations meticulously crafted by Soundproof Accordion Door to meet your interior organization needs.

Be forced to contend versatility and flexibility with the Acousti-Seal® single panel wall partition system. This cutting-edge system offers a myriad of capabilities, including the ability to
configure multiple room setups and adjust the location of pass doors and work surfaces with ease.

The Acousti-Seal® paired panel system offers seamless setup and unmatched convenience. With panels hinged in groups of two, it moves effortlessly for quick adjustments. Ideal for durability, acoustic control, and efficient use, it embodies versatility and reliability

Acousti-Seal® Encore® Automated revolutionizes space with smooth and perfect automation. Featuring hinged panels extending effortlessly, it maximizes convenience and efficiency. Ideal for high-traffic areas, it ensures effortless operation and maximizes space usage.

Designer Line

Transform your space with Acousti-Seal® Designer Line, offering artistic customization options for your operable partition wall. With unique design finishes, murals, and window or glass choices, personalize your environment effortlessly to meet your aesthetic, acoustic, and organizational needs.