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Accordion Doors For Restaurant

Arestaurant and bar in Madison, WI was having issues with separating the bar and restaurant area for private parties, they turned to Soundproofing Accordion Doors, a division of All Noise Control.

They approached us with a set list of specs and questions that our team was able to analyze and respond to. The owner wanted something modern and professional; something that would add to the aesthetic of the restaurant and bar.

Accordion doors are an excellent choice for a restaurant due to their many benefits. They provide a sleek andmodern look that can tone down a noisey environment, making it more relaxingfor diners. They’re also easy to operate, which is important for busy waitstaff.

About Product:

Our team recommended an Accordion Door with an STC of 26. The team explained that STC stood for “Sound Transmission Control” and that the higher the STC, the better the product would be at absorbing and/or blocking sound. We configured that an STC of 26 would be appropriate for a restaurant and bar setting when trying to close off the area for private parties that consists of a good amount of “chatter”, dishes clanking, and other audible sounds.

Upon the installation, the owner was extremely satisfied with the ability to close off the section for private parties and the immediate reduction of sound in between the rooms.