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Soundproof Accordion Doors and Partitions

Make changes to your space effortlessly with accordion partitions and doors from Sound Proof Accordion Doors. Seamlessly blending style, value, and moderate sound control, our accordion systems are fully customizable to meet any need. Choose from a diverse selection of finishes, electric operation options, and track layouts, including curved and straight designs, as well as single and paired openings. With simple pull-and-latch operation, achieve quick sight and sound division in any environment. Experience functional elegance tailored to your space today.


Achieve your exceptional acoustical performance with ANC-400 steel panel and membrane liners, offering up to 40 STC (Sound Transmission Class). Ensure a secure seal with three-ply top and bottom sweeps. Experience long-term strength and durability with Sound master’s patented three-dimensional welded steel frame and heavy-duty construction.

Product Specifications

Acoustics - STC 39 40 Not Rated Not Rated
Stack Width/Profile 9" (229 mm) 12.625" (321 mm) 9" (229 mm) 12.625" (321 mm)
Operation Manual/Electric Manual/Electric Manual/Electric Manual/Electric
Frame & Hinges All Steel All Steel All Steel All Steel
Finish Options Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet
Maximum Opening Width 50' (15240 mm 60' (18288 mm 50' (15240 mm 60' (18288 mm
Maximum Height 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm)
Maximum Opening Width 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm) 16' (4877 mm)
STC 39 39 40 40
Hanging Weight (lbs./sq.ft.) 3.25 5 2 2.75