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Accordion Door ANC-38 Gallery

The Accordion Door ANC-38 gallery is a great option for any facility looking to control sound and temperature. This double insulated door features an acoustic lining that will help you keep conversation levels low while still having high quality acoustics, as well as perimeter seals in order maintain comfort inside your space! You can choose from many different hardwood finishes or vinyl laminate options which give this product its beautiful appearance.

The Accordion Door ANC-38 gallery is a smart alternative to similar, but much more expensive options. It’s perimeter sealed and acoustically lined with exclusive heavy duty hardware system that allows it work beautifully in offices or restaurants where moderate sound control needs must be exercised; there are even finishes available on each door face–hardwood for traditionalists who want their space aesthetically pleasing while keeping out distractions from coworkers’ conversations outside of your own desk area (or nearby), vinyl laminate if you’re looking something less sturdy yet still cost effective.

We offer a wide selection of high-pressure decorative laminates that are perfect for installations demanding durable and easy to maintain (and clean) partitions such as hospitals, laboratories or restaurants. Our custom service makes it possible not only customize colors but also choose from many different manufacturers who produce nationally recognized brands – all without sacrificing quality!